A history of all changes made to any part of Tree Farmer.

August 26


  • Improved API functionality

  • Updated TS and Node.js to latest

  • Updated to latest Discord.js version (v14)

April 30


  • Users are now created upon running any command

  • Tree Farmer has been verified on Discord


  • Fixed negative and infinite gifts

  • Fixed claim button on /open

  • Improved API return statements and some endpoints

  • Improved leaderboard menu

  • Improve Database update methods

April 15


  • Voting on bot listings sites rewards a large gift

  • Added Tree Farmer to DiscordLabs and Top.GG

  • User API and Shop are back online


  • Fixed some typos in messages

February 7


  • Leaderboards for various statistics /leaderboard


  • Significantly improved efficiency of code

February 2


  • Significantly reduced growth times for Trees and prices. This balance was aimed to make the game feel faster at the start than previously.

January 25


  • User API is now down, shop will also be down


  • Fixed issues with buying/upgrading menus

  • Fixed issues with gift commands

January 15



  • Overall huge improvements to codebase, more efficient

  • Removed command/guild logging

  • Fixed bugs with /daily command

November 23 - 2021


  • Fastify instead of ExpressJS (faster API)

  • Orchards (not yet)


  • Lowered costs for trees

  • Locked all trees above level 10

  • Gifts are now daily and offer better gifts

  • /open to open gifts

  • /gift is now /gifts

  • Organized a lot of code structure

  • New and improved typings

  • Speed improvements and bug fixes

October 16 - 2021


  • User Farm endpoint

  • Plot data now stored (previously only in cache)


  • Improved developer API

  • Improved command and event handlers

  • Buttons older than 5 minutes cannot be used

October 9 - 2021


  • Gifts now have an endpoints on the API

  • Gifts also reward logs

  • Farms can be named for $10,000 per rename with /farm [name]


  • Adjusted some gift rewards

  • Messages no longer delete after a few minutes

  • Improved some messages

October 2 - 2021


  • Home website:

  • Released a small package that Tree Farmer uses: embed-table

  • Gifts to reward users /gift

  • Remote database (MariaDB in place of SQLite)


  • Removed /knowledge

  • Fixed some formatting in various menus

  • Major improvements across the entire bot

September 2 - 2021


  • TypeScript version of Tree Farmer, this helped find many vulnerabilities in performance


  • Fixed an issue with being able to upgrade when the user shouldn't be able to

  • Fixed an issue with upgrading farms and the user's tree

  • Golden Trees are now given upon upgrading a farm

August 28 - 2021


  • Farms can now be upgraded with /upgrade farm or selecting in the drop down menu

  • View interesting information of your tree with /tree

  • Sponsor hosting company ( in /info


  • Fixed an issue where you could still buy from the shop even if you could not afford

  • Improved multiple menus again to display more information and formatted nicely

  • Improved a lot of the code structure and organized the code

  • Fixed accuracy of messages in buy/upgrade menus

August 25 - 2021


  • Some error messages are now ephemeral

  • Fixed a menu bug when proving an option in /buy

  • Improved managers for cutting, delivering and storing

  • Improved design of some menus

August 24 - 2021


  • Added more guidance to the /start menu

  • Added a user endpoint to the API


  • Fixed an issue with trying to upgrade a vehicle more than once on one message

  • Improved design of more menus with thumbnails and more

  • Fixed an issue where buying new things would not properly appear on their menus

  • General improvements to the structure and managers of the bot

  • Removed knowledge data except for the command

August 23 - 2021


  • /bal command

  • Added an endpoint for future voting webhooks


  • The Captain America cutter was removed

  • Bread Knife is now named Knife

  • Table Saw is now named Tablesaw

  • Cargo Bike is now named Bike

  • Golf Cart is now named Cart

  • Improved design of multiple menus

  • Fixed issues with the cache for a user's farm

  • Improved preventing buying more things when at the max

  • Fixed issues with upgrading things

August 22 - 2021


  • Beta stage is now live, test Tree Farmer in the community server.

  • Most commands finished and can be used

  • API is live


  • Tree Farmer text removed from all messages

  • User avatar's now included in all messages to help show which message belongs to the user

  • Changed some grammar and text in various command descriptions and messages

  • Fixed other small issues that prevented messages from sending

August 5 - 2021


  • API endpoints nearly finished, authentication finished but not public

  • Commands and responses being worked on

  • Structure nearly finished


  • Improving startup time by merging some data files and modifying some functions

July 31 - 2021


  • Major improvements to the organization of the source code

  • Knowledge is on hold


  • Removed cents/decimals from all prices and values etc.

  • Renamed some things on the backend

July 26 - 2021


  • Added log count for each tree

  • Added sapling cost for each tree

  • Added storages to documentation

  • Added vehicles to documentation

  • Setup and planning REST API


  • Cutters now cut instantly but have an efficiency range that increases as they are upgraded

  • Cutters also have cooldowns depending on how many cutters were used

  • Prices and rates of Tree Farm components adjusted

July 20 - 2021


  • Setting up Button Interactions for various commands

  • Tree prices and log values specified (Trees)

  • API endpoint created but will not be up until further notice


  • Updated parts of the documentation

July 17 - 2021


  • Added some new commands for future features

  • Improvements and small fixes to the structure

July 15 - 2021



  • Reworking parts of the database

July 14 - 2021


  • Improving loading commands and events

July 10 - 2021


  • GitBook documentation

  • Continue working on structure of the game

July 9 - 2021


  • Setup the database

  • Tidied up code

  • Begin working on commands

July 8 - 2021


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