Getting Started

This page will help you add Tree Farmer to your server, ensure that you provided the correct permissions and general use of the bot. Contents of this article may be changed with notice.

Tree Farmer is now public and can be invited to your server. Feel free to join the Community Server for updates and friendly people.

Tree Farmer is still in need of balancing of prices and other "game data" such as cooldowns, numbers etc. Interesting in helping out? Contact us in the Community Server.


Tree Farmer can be invited to your server using



Read/Send Messages

Tree Farmer must be able to see

your message and respond to it

Embed Links

Tree Farmer uses embedded messages for most commands

Use External Emojis

Tree Farmer offers badges that are

emojis from the community server

Starting a Tree Farm

To start a tree farm, you must buy a farm using /start. You will then be taking through the optional tutorial. You are given $2000 and two saplings. You can plant the saplings with /plant which take about a minute to grow depending on your tree. Keep in mind that new saplings cost money. Refer to the Trees article for the cost of saplings since it increases per tree type. You will not be notified when a tree is done, but you can check what trees can be cut with the /trees menu and actually cut them with /cut. Cutters are limited in efficiency (actual logs cut) but can be improved upon upgrading. Read more about cutters here.

Upgrading a Tree Farm

You can check at any time if you can upgrade your farm by typing /upgrade farm. Make sure to only press the confirmation button if you want to upgrade. When you upgrade your farm, you lose all of your Knowledge, Trees, Vehicles, Cutters but keep your money, you're given two saplings and one golden tree.

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