Tree Farmer is your next addicting game on Discord. Create beautiful tree farms and compete in challenges and events to earn real life rewards.

Tree Farmer

Tree Farmer is a Luyx Development product, more specifically a game you play on a Discord Bot. In this game, you can create a farm where you harvest trees, sell logs and make revenue. Over time, you can earn real life rewards through competition or simply by playing the game. Prizes include Discord Nitro or other gift cards. Overall, Tree Farmer is an easy to use game bot because it uses Slash Commands and Buttons instead of regular text commands. There are many graphics and emojis will help bring you into the exciting new game. To learn more about how the game works, head over to Getting Started.

Tree Farmer is now public and can be invited to your server. Feel free to join the Community Server for updates and friendly people.

Tree Farmer is still in need of balancing of prices and other "game data" such as cooldowns, numbers etc. Interesting in helping out? Contact us in the Community Server.

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